About BMG Consulting Inc.


BMG Consulting Inc. is an American-based firm that aims at boosting its clients’ revenue through innovative solutions. We have managed to form a long-lasting relationship with the businesses we represent and have helped them thrive and flourish while improving their brand’s image as if it were our own.

We are aware that in this ever-evolving world of business, being in a position to strike a deal when the demand arises in the market is very crucial. We have worked with various companies including large fortune 500 companies with a key objective of achieving their revenue goals and we would be glad to partner with you as well. With us, you will never miss any opportunity. The synergy between your outsourcing needs and our ambitions results in a win-win relationship that lets you grow over time.

Our success can be largely traced to our employees. We have a happy team of highly competent professionals who genuinely invest in our clients’ success. We believe that an accommodating work environment leads to extraordinary results and this has empowered our team to drive value for our customers and make BMG Consulting Inc an amazing place to work.

Let us get your company to the next level of growth with our dedicated team. We will help you lope through the brick wall, which has held back your growth. With us on board, you are guaranteed a breakthrough.



Our mission is to present customizable solutions which have a significant impact on your business while providing a measurable quick return on investment and enhancing your competitiveness.




Our vision is to be the point of reference in the outsourced service industry. We aim to grow our organization across America and expand our operations into Europe. In the next 10 years, we envision ourselves reaching 100 operating offices in America and Europe combined.





We are devoted to providing the best possible work setting for the development and goal accomplishment of all team members. We treat each member as an individual and as a family. We aspire to develop a spirit of cooperation; individuals working together to achieve a common goal.



Looking for a career change from carpentry and found BMG Consulting.
Great team and atmosphere, plus I get to wear a suit every day.

Greg, Account Manager

I was struggling to find my niche in business as well as wanting more direction in life, and University wasn’t teaching me what I needed to learn. BMG Consulting has been the perfect educational experience with immediate results, helping with my career and life goals.

Caleb, Account Manager

Improving lives isn’t what BMG Consulting is setting out to do,
but I found my life improved none the less!

Mark, Team Leader

Working for BMG Consulting has helped me grow as a person and opened
my eyes to the possibility of running my own business.

Nathan, Team Leader

After graduating with my Master’s degree in Business Economics I was enthusiastic about jumping in to a position that would give me real world experience. BMG Consulting has not only given me the opportunity to develop and apply skills in marketing and sales, but has been a great place for professional development. As a new university grad, BMG Consulting has been a great place to build my career.

Courtney, Team Leader

Meet The Team

Alex B. –


Alex Bayat started his direct sales career in his early twenties in Vancouver, BC. He opened his first office in Toronto, Ontario, and in the past eight years has worked with several major Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunication and merchant processing industries. Having a vast range of experience in the Canadian marketplace and being mentored and coached by some of the industry’s top performers, Alex brings a depth of knowledge and direction to our organization as well as a high level of passion and energy to help us achieve our goals.


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Hesam started in the field in the early 2000s quickly developing a passion for building and coaching sales teams. From starting at the entry-level of the business he climbed the ranks into operations management, and now headlines the Ottawa location. Hesam continues to drive the day-to-day operations in Ottawa as well as help to expand the overall organization by developing and mentoring the next generation.

Serving across Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas, and the surrounding areas.

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