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Why should you outsource your marketing and sales:
We know how to make it
happen. We are a team of professionals dedicated to making your business a

Being an outsourced direct marketing and sales company, we are keen on taking new business development challenges. We employ our proactive abilities to help organizations begin and retain positive and profitable client relationships.

Take Your Career To The Next Level

Are you looking for a career opportunity with BMG Consulting Inc? We pride ourselves on being an exciting company to work with. Check out our career page to learn more.

Results That Produce Revenue & Growth

If you are keen about the future of your business, you will admit that growth and client retention are cruicial. Our solutions will help you prosper while retaining current clients.

Our Clients' Success Is Our Success

We have a proven track record working with and behalf of renowned national and international brands and companies, including recognized Fortune 500 companies. We institute a framework of ongoing success in each client engagement. Be a part of this successful partnership.

Excellent reasons to
outsource our services


  • Increase profits and revenue.
  • No need of hiring a team hence minimizing your labor costs.
  • Access to a larger and experienced talent pool.
  • Explore new market opportunities..
  • Spare the headache by outsourcing the work to those who already boast of a proven technology stack which enables multichannel marketing and sales activities.
  • Extensive experience in the consumer interfacing sector.

Brands need to stand out to be noticed and that’s where we come in. Contact us to find out how BMG Consulting can help you grow your company.

What Makes Us Unique

BMG Consulting Inc brings together the methodology, the experience, and people to deliver lucrative and effective business development solutions. By inviting us to be an extension of your team, you are assured of qualified leads practically suited to your offering.

Our programs are meant to be an extension of our clients’ businesses. We bring discipline, talent, leadership, and experience to every client program. This integrated approach yields measurable and consistent results for our clients.

We represent your business as if it were our own. We focus on your growth and support your revenue generation efforts in all interactions with your customers. Notably, we take pride in what we are helping you achieve.

We provide a turn-key solution which is tailored to meet our client’s unique aspirations. Using advanced technology and methodical developed processes, we provide companies with well-trained individuals at a reasonable fee lower than that of hiring in-house staff.

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